the wait is harder than the verdict

What is it that you want?

Is it love?


A forever after?

Or just a fling?

Is it me that you want?

Or the thought of being with someone like me. Is it a fantasy that you love to think of again and again?  Is it my hair? My smile? My voice? Or my hands that fascinate you?

Is it the idea of being around me? The thought of sitting with me and talking and talking for hours. Or simply being with me and not having to say anything. Making me yours. Completely. Absolutely and only yours.

The constant bantering and flirting is just a mask for the real me. And the actual you.

I can’t let you see me. I try to hide. The irony of it is, that’s your strategy too. You are rarely who you are, and always who you want to be seen as. Why do we have to go to such lengths!

Why can’t you be honest. Say what you want. Let go of inhibitions. Follow your intuitions. Be a man! Say it!  What do you WANT!

What do I want?

I want you to want me. 



  1. Alber Aqil · August 1, 2011

    Love it! Especially the last line; Just amazing!

  2. lubnakhalid · August 2, 2011

    you are a born writer

  3. junaid · August 2, 2011

    what do you want? or what do i want? it is said that ppl on the face of earth only see reflection of their thoughts around nothing else………so what do u want is actually what do i want and word I disturb the harmony with in …..

    • shafaq · August 4, 2011

      Amazingly written… true !!!!

  4. zubair · August 5, 2011

    Madam u r really a good writer.once u told us that u write some blogs at that moment i thought that u r just saying but continously i m seeing that u r writing well.

  5. sarahqureshi · August 27, 2011

    @Alber: ahh, does it ring a chord?

  6. sarahqureshi · August 27, 2011

    Thanks, Lubna, Shaff and Zubair 🙂

  7. javeria · December 2, 2011

    omg i can relate it amazing!!! who r u…!!…but i dont like the pic….not blending with the text…

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