Connecting the Squiggles

I have to give it to Steve Jobs. His ‘Connect the Dots’ has certainly rocked a whole lot of people’s lives and work and had a massive impact.

I have my own theory,

Stop Connecting the Squiggles:

There are an infinite number of events and incidents, moments, if you may, with no meaning at all!

None. Zilch!

So stop trying to make meaning of every little glance, and word that comes your way. They aren’t the ‘dots’. They are squiggles. They make no meaning and have no reason nor rhyme.

Why did she smile at me? Or why didn’t he? Why did he get me a Ferrero? Does she like me? Do they hate me? Why did he forward me this joke? Why did I get a B instead of an A?

There aren’t any ulterior motives for every fickle act. Its the universe. It giveth and it taketh away.

Just sit back and enjoy the meaningless squiggles and scribbles. Quit playing hide and seek.

Best advice that you will ever hear, and here it comes, wait for it…. ICE CREAM! Eat ice cream. It brings inexplicable bliss. rain or shine, ice cream is it! It melts all the dots away. And enjoy each spoonful and let it melt all the crap away from you.

And wait. Till the next squiggly mess stares at you stark in your face!


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