A million miles away


As fast as you can.


As far away as you can.

Wherever you go, you can’t escape.

There is no escape.

What are you running from?


Some thing?

Why are you running? What good is it doing?




and Roll…Cause the fire will flame up and burst bigger and further the faster you run. Fueling it is what you are doing, my love. Just accept that you have alighted and pause.

Pause and recollect; go with the flow and don’t forget to save yourself in the process. You will get scorched, however you shield, however you protect yourself. The aim isn’t to get away unscathed, but damage control. Limit the burns as much as is possible. Rolling will give you the few moments of relief that you desperately need; that breathing time all the running around took away from you.

And while you turn round and round, the world seems to stop.

You find what you missed. What was but always there.

You just need to see it again.

Sensual and in your face.

Nude as at birth;


And ready to start a new life.

You have finally done it!

You’ve found you.


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