Order in the courts!

You are sitting at work; just another Friday, thinking what to do over the weekend.. what plans to make, where to go, and all of a sudden- pandemonium!!

HoD calls up and says, come ASAP, and I mean ASAP!! I grab my laptop and rush to the conference room. Something is wrong, very very wrong. There is an odd air of foreboding in the entire office. Whispers here, shocked looks and a kind of chaotic feeling all round.. Gave me the chills, I’m new here, I don’t even have the guts to go and ask anyone what is the matter.

The look on his face says its bad, but nothing he hasn’t seen before. He may not be someone with decades of expertise or a balding head, but he is one who knows how to react in a crisis. He has a calm demeanor but means business. He quietly shows me a Press Release and tells me to review or revise the content and give feedback as it must go to the masses immediately.

The legal system in our country has no sense of right or wrong. It can be bought and sold and bought again, and then handed over to anyone shameless enough to attempt this trade of lives and livelihoods that has become a norm for our nation. Whether its a divorce, extortion, homicide, murder, corporate fraud, its all up for grabs. A country that has such a lawless legal system is not heading where it should be. Its like a jungle. Survival of the fittest? Well, the only ones ‘fit’ here are the feudals and the law breakers.

How does a legit and righteous entity remain afloat? One who follows all the rules, walks the path that has been set, and tries to uphold its honor. These are a choice few. The offenders are a dime a dozen. Once you choose to walk the road less travelled, its a very lonely trek.

I know that its a difficult and trying option, but ones who do choose this have chosen to rise above. No matter how strong the winds and how harsh the rains, they do triumph. And so will my organization. A place where the leader is such a humble, courteous and lucidly honest individual, is bound to fight and win. However they tarnish us and cajole us and beat us up, we will stand tall.

Take a moment and answer me, where do you stand?

With us?

Or with them?




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