Po, Mystique and Blue — what you were meant to!

An obscenely obese Panda, a scared-to-death-at-the-verge-of-schizophrenia macaw that loves the comfort of familiarity, an alien femme fatale searching for herself, brought solace. How? Why? A magical place like no other in this town, a theater. That is all it is for some, while for others its a hideaway away from the dungeons they are imprisoned in.

Life has a way of catching up with you. Twists and turns and dead ends and magical mazes that lead to new and exciting or the forbidden grounds. 10 or 20 or 30, how old you are has no bearing on how stressed you are. Worries and problems just keep escalating and blowing up time and time again. How do you detox from this cacophony of deafening silence that prevails and fails to disappear no matter how hard you try? Some go out and eat, some read a book, some watch mindless reality shows, some hang out with friends, and others just clam up and work harder than ever trying to run at super sonic speed in the rat race that our lives have become.

Sammy kept begging me week after week, “you’ve gotta be there! You will love it, woman!”  I just didn’t have time; well, that’s what we always say: I don’t have time. I’m busy.

And then one day, out of the blue, my little angel just ran in my room and started yelling,” mommy, come here, NOW! “I ran after him, thinking what in God’s name happened now! And he pointed at the TV with such an animated and excited look in his eyes, “you will take me to Rio?”

And I melted.

I love when he takes me and shows me things he didnt know existed or asks me the most inquisitive questions and expects me to know and do it all. For him, I am an entire world. I give him what I can and what he should have. He deserves the best. He’s such a sound, responsible, happy person. And he rarely asks for things. This meant something to him. The blue bird, the palm trees, the music, it all awoke something. A possibility of a new and exhilarating path that he would embark upon.. it brought promise to a somewhat random life. Whether it did that for him, I am not entirely sure, but it undoubtedly did for me.

We are like ships floating in the sea; without oars or compasses or any sense of navigation. I have no clue where I’m heading. And I don’t even care. Indifferent? Careless? Guilty as charged.

Why have I chosen to be so? Its the need of the hour, sir. Its the fates that have thrown me at the mercy of this universe. I have had things thrust upon me when I couldn’t fathom anything worse. And here ‘I’ is all of us. We all have issues, however trivial they may seem for others, but of immense importance at the moment of their inception.

We need to let go of the world’s worries and find the axis between rage and serenity, and find harmony. Even for an hour. Even if its just during an animated flick or a sci-fi.

Find your Blue or Mystique.

Find your self.

Be one with it.

Be the child who tastes ice cream and gazes in wonder as its saccharin slowly melts in his mouth on a hot June day.  Let your hair be caressed as it blows in the wind on the beach.

Close your eyes and let it all out of you.

One breath at a time.


One comment

  1. Misbah · June 29, 2011

    Incredible! May u be the BEST MOM of ur BEST SON! 🙂
    Enjoy the tranquility 😉 let the LIie treat u with its BEST! Love u!

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