Day 3: Ready to ROCK!

The dusty ride early morning with a crowd of chatty and happily- heading- to- work colleagues.  Entered office and expected to look at the dreary empty cubicle with a drab, sad look and voila! The make shift desktop arrived overnight. Here I was thinking I’d have to endure tiresome leaning back and forth between my seat and M’s..  

Switching jobs and workplaces can be fun, exciting, tiring as well as a really learning experience. It is proving to be a life altering decision for me and I mean that in the most heavenly way possible. The job that I always envisioned, what I have wanted to do since forever, and what seemed to be just another dream that wouldn’t be realised no matter how hard I tried, is actually mine.  Interviews and stepping stones and workplace after workplace, and here I am.. It seems too good to be true J

In a year I have been taught how to live. How to keep walking. How to hold my head high, no matter what happens. I have had the blessings of my Lord and worked like a dog, put in tremendous efforts. I have done what people wouldn’t ever have the courage to do. Picked up the pieces of my life and begun it all over again. I have made it again and again.

I can’t thank my saviours enough for all they did for me, without fail. I love the people in my life, they matter to me, they make me who I am.  

And I can’t help thanking myself for giving it a try each time, getting up after tripping..

In a year I have managed to eliminate people who have brought nothing except endless amount of pain alongwith gallons of hostility in my character. Its funny how I am able to see people and gauge who they are so very easily now. I guess it’s a vibe that you get. And believe me, Mona, its really easy to sense it and distinguish between the wolves and the Godsends. Just watch the eyes. That’s all. They are the windows to a person’s soul. You can see anguish, pain, innocence, excitement, vulnerability, naivety, and all the slyness that resides in the dungeons of the man’s heart very easily, at a glance. Just watch the eyes and how they watch YOU.

This soldier has come a long way and intends to climb to the top, slowly but steadily, very very soon!



  1. Furqan Hameed · June 15, 2011

    Good job, like always, you have made it a point that sheer hard work never go in vain. I can personally relate myself, when I was going through this article. Thanks again for sharing these write ups.

    Best Rgds,
    Furqan Hameed

  2. shahzeb gul · June 15, 2011

    “Just watch the eyes. That’s all. They are the windows to a person’s soul” this sentence has really a deep meaning.
    Very well written! Thanks for sharing.

    Shahzeb Gul

  3. Naureen · June 16, 2011

    Good express feeling in writing. well done!


    • NIDA NOOR · June 18, 2011

      Thanks for shearing this with me

      With Regard

  4. Shafaq Jafri · June 25, 2011

    aww… God bless you always 🙂 !

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