Rolling in the Deep

Just when you think you have had it, something happens.

A smile, a rare compliment.

A minuscule shred of hope.

A huge possibility of a new beginning. Or maybe a ray of light that you never thought existed.

And you live. One more day. You breathe and escape from the dungeons of hell, just for an instance.

To die another day.

Or do you?

Can you run away? Can you let go and start afresh so easily? Can you get hope and bliss and happiness from such trivial gestures? And should you? I have learned that you can! and you mustn’t wait for a whole Grecian castle or bag of goodies to descend from the heavens. ‘Cause it rarely comes. Its the small things that brighten up my day. A nod from a random pedestrian that you don’t know, but pass by day after day. A long forgotten handwritten or scribbled note or text that makes you smile and fondly recall memories past.

The stars are shining down on you. Day after day, the sun comes up and you drench in its warmth, after all, it is the norm of the universe. Things happen. Promises break. People hurt. You hurt back. It feels good to strike back and avenge yourself. Do it if it matters to you, if it makes you feel better.  And it actually gives a whole lot of satisfaction to make her bleed, the way you did. To weep after you have left him behind. We are, after all, very petty beings. The masters of the solar system, so to speak, but truly a breed of low lifes. So it does help cure a heartbreak to trash the SOB and his life and place and maybe his Jag, if you don’t get caught 😉 Do what it takes and get it out of your system. Or kiss and make up!

Scrape the last vestiges of hatred and self pity out of you.

No one matters more  than you yourself. Be selfish and ruthless and cutthroat. Be a success. Lead yourself to water.  And revel in all the small things. There are galaxies of archaic prospects of what you can be and get. Get the most out of each day. Its black and its white.


One comment

  1. Faraz · June 5, 2011

    Very nice work…

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