Growing Pains

This is a blog I wanted to share with you, a friend of mine wrote it and I really enjoyed his view on birthdays and getting older.


No, I am not misled by the fact that I am growing older! Nor do I want to shun the responsibilities that each passing day brings upon me. Grey threads on my head and little ache here and there are good indicators of time passing by. People say I have changed. They may be right. Physically I may not be the same, emotionally I am much stronger (well this I would like to believe). I won’t ever write a book, ask me about my favorite film and I’ll have to think long before saying ‘none specifically’, I don’t have a soundtrack to my life and there won’t be any artistic clues to what defines me as a person. Perhaps this urgency to be an adult is beyond my understanding. While there a rat race to age before time, and earn and date and dress and live the way ‘grown ups’ do, I have chosen oblivion. I would like to take life as it comes, dress like I want to, live the moment, converse like I feel, take a minute to laugh and have the heart to laugh. I want to like being at a place where time suddenly goes slower and most definitely richer than it has been for weeks. I am convinced that adults are just so childish. Remember when you had everything figured out? I want to be a doctor, I love my family, I want to go play, I hate school. And then you became an adult worrying whether you should switch careers, you love your family but they’re just so crazy, you want to play when you have work, work because of guilt when you can really be playing, trying to keep everyone happy, decisions uuuurgh. Remember the time when everything was new. When the smallest of things were exciting, when we hadn’t been there and done that… when we hadn’t seen it all? Feeling butterflies in your stomach, jumping when the phone rang… impatience, time that would just not pass, weekend that just never came, blushing, being speechless, being vulnerable, trusting and being trusted, taking chances. God, please give me the wisdom of a child this grown up thing is driving me crazy! Therefore as I sit on my notebook and feel that old are perhaps too old and young dying to be the eldest, Ladies and Gentlemen I hereby declare, 26 is the new 16! And yes, when you do! … It feels good to be 16 again !


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