Dear John

I am sorry. It couldn’t work out. It wasn’t you. It was me. I can’t see you this way. I want you to be happy. I can’t give what you deserve or need. I tried. I really did. It wasn’t meant to be. I hope you will find what you are looking for. Take care of yourself. Forgive me. And forget me. Please. I will try to forget you, I don’t think it will be easy, though, but I will try. Thank you for all the wonderful times. Thank you for everything.



 This is a perfect and classic example, isn’t it? It might as well be a template where you could just fill in your name and add a few more references to any ‘significant’ moments or instances or lovey dovey names that you had for ‘him’ OR he had for you. Now, in all fairness, it might as well be a Dear Jane letter too! I am a firm believer of the equality of both the genders.

What is the point of this? Why is such a meaningless piece of text written, whether as a handwritten note, an email, a text or even a message on FB? Can you explain the magnitude of heartbreak that you have suffered? Or have you even suffered at all? The norm today, is to have fun, enjoy yourself and hang out and then move on to the next dish. And this ‘break up’ is just as everyday as the nail color that you change, depending on how often you do change nail colors, or as trivial as the decision to choose baked potato or sour cream or extra cheddar to go with your steak on Saturday night out with the gang.

Relationships. The word has lost its meaning. The same way that the nation has lost its identity. Or any culture that we ever had. The sub continent is an exciting blend of several peoples, their habits, their traditions. Even our language is such an amalgamation of sorts. We have neither left anymore. We have lost focus as a nation, as a culture and as individuals. If we can’t maintain and manage our personal relationships, with our families and friends and all the numerous individuals that we interact with, day after day, then how can we be expected to have even the minutest of ideas of how to be a nation.

Making and building a relation is hard work. It takes a spirit of adventure, a sense of aesthetics, a huge amount of patience and dedication and above all love. Without love or the possibilty and hope of a bigger and better ‘us’, there are seldom going to be any tomorrows. There will be countless todays; the here and nows; the going out and having a guy or a hot chic.

There will rarely be any forever afters. And truly yours. Forevermores. And is that what you want? To be hopping from one to the other? To have no permanence or reality? No. You don’t. Trust me. You want to have The One. And you aren’t bound to have him/her if you don’t quit dumping people right, left and center, and start taking ownership. Responsibilty and intimacy are one hell of a task. Just give it a try. Its worth a shot. It does seem like the quest for the Holy Grail, but imagine how it feels when you have found it. The untold riches and bountless wealth of togetherness. THAT, my friend, is worth more than you could even begin to fathom in your wildest imaginations!



  1. Noman Anis · May 5, 2011

    Amazing piece of Improvisation!

  2. hussainfahad · May 5, 2011

    Loved it!

  3. Fatima · May 6, 2011

    Good Job, you should start writing for some magzine or newspaper.

  4. Jessi · May 6, 2011

    Don’t you want it in your life?…. don’t you want more than just a moment?…….. then Don’t try to lease or rent just own it. Grab the time and let your feelings show and prove that you are irreplaceable.

    Don’t try to make him/her cry and never break heart.

  5. nadia · April 3, 2012

    such nice piece of writing …you are a natural writer…and surely u should begin writing for some magazine dear…

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