The market that was

Marketing says that we can promote, sell, distribute anything to anyone, given the right mix is used, a good marketer can sell anything. Is that possible? Is it that impossible a task? Or is it a piece of cake?

Tried selling toothpaste to an infant? Body Shop Cranberry Passion Body Butter to a turtle? If there isn’t a market, we can make it. How about persuading a new mom that the toothpaste could enrich the baby’s gums if applied once a week! The turtle can totally rejuvenate its crusty and hard exterior with a liberal application of such an exotic emulsion, no?

And can you sell anything? Does everything have a price? Of course it does. There is nothing in this world that hasn’t been auctioned to date.

Virtue. Sanity. Honor. Self. Given the right number, every thing’s for sale. Everything.

You might give it willingly or reluctantly. But we all give in. Eventually.

All we have to figure out is who to give in to and when.

The timing is of essence here. Being too eager, will result in not getting what one deserves or could demand; while taking too long, on the other hand, might just raise the expectation a tad too much, and the worse case scenario, the nightmare, is a sale when the product fails to satisfy or deliver as promised.

What I’m trying to insinuate and I’m really truly of this view, is that giving up is inevitable. Then why not give it your all? You will surrender. To numerous miscellaneous buyers. Why not delight them? Once you cajole your mind and soul towards any cause, brainwash it. Tell your heart and brains that this is it. I will not step back. This is the trying step. This is where you and a vendor selling chooran on a bus differ. He just sells a low quality, cheap diarrhea inducing disgusting powder, and never expects to meet you again. He cheats you. He takes your dream, a lame dream, I know, but your desperation, and runs away with the meager sum that he manages to acquire, and disappears into the crowd. You are opting to give what is most precious to you. Your self. Your thoughts. Your desires. Your triumphs. Your failings. What greater than this can one promise another? When you do decide to take the plunge, and some day, each one of us, will, just be a champion, a fighter. Never say never. Cause this is a sale, the only sale, which the buyer and seller can indulge in till the end of time, given the fine balance is reached. It will take time. And effort. And a whole lot of promotional efforts, but the outcome is Life time Equity. And a Brand Loyalty like none. šŸ™‚



  1. Juzer Ali · April 23, 2011

    Material of the highest quality!
    You, Sarah Qureshi, are going to big, big places!!!

  2. sarahqureshi · April 23, 2011

    Some day.. Someday!!

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