Anita, my saviour

It’s all luck! Or is it? What is it that makes us believe or put all our lives in the hands of such an unreliable science, if I may call it that? Tarot cards, tea leaves, stars; how can we blindly assume that all our efforts and endeavors are useless and inefficient and just plain and utter nonsense in the face of such a starkly presumptuous art?

It’s the helplessness and intense hopelessness that we mortals experience at the hands of a force that’s just so very much greater than we are. We are at its mercy in such a manner that we choose to believe any and everything that provides us any insight into the abyss that is, or could be our unforeseen future. It give

s just a few ounces of comfort and ease to feel that the stars know something that we are unaware of and might offer some condolence to us when we are blindly rowing in directions that we choose and at times are driven into.

I know and so do you, that whenever the horoscope is pleasant or gives some ‘good news’,be it the raise that you were banking on, the attention your ‘beloved’ will lavish on you, the travels that you will embark on ‘very soon’, it does brighten up your day just a bit, doesn’t it? And what is the harm in believing and just feeling that things will get better and are going to happen and are moving in the direction that you have been yearning for? And praying and pleading to the Fates to deliver?

I am one such fool, as most would say. I hear the same comments when I lament about how amazing my Anita said my week would be. “She is an incoherent fool!” “You seriously have faith in a facebook application?” Well, she might be all of the above, but she provides adequate solace when there is

none. So does my daily horoscope in the newspaper! Why wake me up and bring me back to reality that I need to escape from for a certain time period? I am completely against the notion that I don’t do anything to achieve my goals and just hope for a god forsaken few words of encouragement from the celestial beings and just go to sleep without doing my assignments and wake up to an excellent grade, that is NOT going to happen in this lifetime! Not that I’ve tried it, even a dumb blonde such as myself knows not to indulge in such frivolous fancies 😉

But even Aristotles such as you need to cheer up and BELIEVE. It helps you go on. It keeps you moving. Believe in the happening of good things. Believe in the coming of good times; the sunshine after the rain. Dare to dream! Let me dream that there will be a stranger who will bring untold riches, the knight that will ride me off into the sunset, the proverbial son that will return and save the burning kingdom, the trip around the exotic lands that entice!!

Why don’t you try it, what’s the worst it could do!


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