It was surreal. The first time I saw you. You didn’t even know who I was. Or maybe it was you who saw me before and I don’t know or maybe never will. You looked so intent. So immersed. So completely lost. Talking to some random person, random for me, perhaps of extreme relevance to you.

I just saw you. And I knew. There is something about you. I didn’t know what.

I saw you again. And again. Without meaning to, without trying. Our paths met. I was just another face in the crowd. And you were a mirage. I heard about you. So many snippets from such a lot of my friends, and everyone seemed to be an expert at knowing you and knowing about you. But none did. Each one just scrutinized your mere glances, your posture, your voice. I never spoke to you. I didn’t want to. I didn’t have any desire to.

Because I knew you.

Then we met. And I was just another. Not more than one amongst the countless you meet with, each day. You looked pleasant. Stern at times. You knew so much. And I so little. The only thing you didn’t know and still don’t, is who you are; who you can be.

You grin when I crack a joke and your eyes light up. Your whole being transforms into that of another. A free soul. THAT is what I crave. The liberation in you. Do what you feel like. Do what you want. Do the right. Do the wrong. Just do as you do.

That is what you do best.

That is what I wish to teach you. To laugh. To weep. To breathe. To gasp for air when you have had it. Just learn to live. Forget the world and what it thinks. What it would say.

What if? Don’t have any more ‘what ifs’.. Just make everything happen. You can. I know you can. Remember, you will get a chance at happiness. You have it right now. Don’t let it fly away. This time. Embrace it and make it yours. Forever.



  1. Juzer Ali · April 18, 2011

    Very lucky, indeed!

  2. Juzer Ali · April 18, 2011

    Without the comma of course 😀

  3. NIDA NOOR · June 18, 2011

    I have no words to express how much do i like it but it really touch my heart. Please neglect if i have done any mistake in writing

    with regard

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