Too little. Too late.


You can see it in one look. In an instant. You can tell you have let someone down. And no matter how insignificant you think they are or were or how indifferent you felt towards them, a single instance changes your entire being. Your whole perception. It makes you realize who you were. Who they thought you were and could be. And it just destroys you. Not slowly and with the passage of time, but like a bolt of lightning. Or like the razor that slits your throat. So slick, yet so very precise.

You know you can’t make up for it. It just won’t bring back the respect that you commanded. That you deserved.

Then, why do we commit such trivial mistakes and such petty blunders? To find an easy way out? Or because we are too carefree or just not bothered anymore. Sometimes, we act without giving a second thought and unknowingly walk into a muddy puddle. Or have we always the sight to foresee the puddles in our path and we just let things slide? And it isn’t like you plan your walk down the path to be slaughtered. It happens.



Nothing happens. We DO it! Its pre-ordained. Its all destiny. We are meant to. Break people’s hearts and their perception of our ‘holiness’. It is human to err, after all. We are meant to learn. Not to make the same mistake again. Not to go down that path again.

After all, its never too late. You can always turn a new leaf. Change your life. Be a better man. And the beauty of man is in his imperfections. So accept your imperfections and grow with them. Just don’t, ever let your actions or words do the same mistake.


Cause if you do, you will suffer the same fate at another’s hands. You, too, will be crushed. Anguished. And then you will know that an apology that is too late, is like an attempt at re-freezing a snowman. He will never be the same. Ever.



  1. Furqan Hameed · April 17, 2011

    Good Work!

  2. Amin · April 17, 2011

    it takes long time to create right perception and respect of self, and takes no time in shattering of the same.

    Question is how much worth the issue/s is/are for which you let other person doubt you and your credibility?

    people come and people go, to some you are remembered for long and some are remembered to you for long. but we all wish either way that memories remembered are good ones only.

    • Sarah · April 18, 2011

      I agree with you.

      It is true. We want memories to be pleasant ones, but that isn’t always the case. Here’s hoping for the best, in all our endeavors!

  3. impersonatorlife · April 17, 2011

    Very True!!

    i guess thats why people all around us impersonate life, the way they desire, the way they think is right….

  4. Juzer Ali · April 17, 2011

    This article pretty much sums up the day for me. I couldn’t have said it any better myself!

  5. Sam · April 20, 2011

    impressive indeed !

  6. dezigneronline · April 26, 2011


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