Do you feel that you have lost?

There is nothing left to say anymore.

There is no more strength left to fight.

To be.

To breathe.

To let go of all that you had. There isn’t anything that you care about or believe in; that matters. Is it lack of faith or just that you have been broken down? Finally.

What is it that drives each person to struggle, to survive the blows that life throws their way? It could be anything. Every individual is driven by something. The key is to know what that drive is: and then to keep it alive; or to keep finding something to ignite your passions. OR to find a new passion to ignite YOU.

Strive hard to get what you believe in, do all that is in your power to go and get it, be it an object, or the object of your desires. Believe in yourself and your abilities to acquire what you yearn for! It is this belief that will help you win over the entire universe and all that conspires against you. It is only YOU who can help you win.

Know when to let go. There are times when you are not meant to have or be something. Don’t kill yourself over it. What’s meant to be, will be. Don’t run after a mirage. It will never be a reality. It is a mirage, embrace that.

Be the person you are ordained to become! You aren’t half of what you can be.

DO the best you can.

Don’t EVER cut yourself short.

 ‘Don’t let go. Don’t run away, love. I still have a feeling you are my passion!’


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